Trade Mark Details

Trade Mark : 1351540
Lodgement Date: 18-MAR-2010
Registered From: 18-MAR-2010
Date of Acceptance: 22-JUN-2010
Acceptance Advertised: 22-JUL-2010
Registration Advertised: 18-NOV-2010
Entered on Register: 02-NOV-2010
Renewal Due: 18-MAR-2020
Class/es: 35, 36
Status: Registered/Protected
Kind: n/a
Type of Mark: Word

Owner/s: Scoopon Pty Ltd
ACN/ARBN: 149779948
      64 Cochranes Road
      MOORABBIN VIC 3189
Address for Service: KCL Law
      Level 4
      555 Lonsdale Street
      MELBOURNE VIC 3000

Goods & Services

Class 35: Internet advertising; electronic advertising; advertising services provided over the Internet; advertising services provided via a database; direct market advertising; dissemination of advertising material; dissemination of advertising matter; online advertising on a computer network; provision of advertising information; provision of advertising space; advertising; promotional advertising services; preparation of advertising material; business services specifically to support the creation, distribution, tracking and reporting of consumer printed coupons that can be used for traditional in-store redemption; advertising or promotional material; online marketing of products; retailing and merchandising services; services in relation to retail; discount services (retail, wholesale and sales promotional services); advertising services; business promotion services; sales promotion (for others); sales promotion services; promoting the goods and services of others by providing a website featuring coupons, rebates, price comparison information, product reviews, links to the retail websites of others and discount information; compilation of advertisements for use as web pages on the Internet; online promotion on a computer network; sales promotions by issuing redeemable coupons (for others); promotional advertising services

Class 36: Issuing of vouchers; issuing vouchers in relation to the supply of goods or services

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