I get an error page stating that I must enable cookies


It is not possible to use ATMOSS without accepting cookies. ATMOSS uses cookies to record your search results, to save your searches from session to session, and to customise your search options.


  1. Change your browser settings to enable cookies. See Cookies section for an explanation on how to enable cookies.

  2. Change your browser cache settings to check for newer versions of a page every time you view it. Empty your browser cache by deleting your temporary internet files. If you still have problems connecting, try the solutions below.

  3. Make sure you are entering ATMOSS from the first page - the Disclaimer page at http://pericles.ipaustralia.gov.au/atmoss/falcon.application_start

  4. Click Refresh while on the Connect to Trade Mark Search page, OR

  5. Connect as a new user with empty ID and Password fields. When you get the error message, click Back and try to connect as you normally would (Single Session or Multiple Session), OR

  6. Connect as you normally would. When you get the cookies error message, click Back and try to connect again.

  7. The problem may be related to how quickly the generated cookies are being delivered. Therefore, explicitly OK the cookies by changing your browser setting from automatically accept cookies (Enable) to request cookies acceptance (Prompt), OR

    If you are on a network, you should ask your network administrator if the network settings override your personal settings. You may also need to contact your Internet Service Provider to see if their settings override your personal settings.