Plant Breeder's Rights - Search Tips

Simple search:

Type a Key Word into the Search to search across variety, synonym, breeder's code, common, trade and other references associated with the plant variety

If you know the Genus or Species of the variety you wish to search for, you are able to select that option from the Genus and Species fields.

The Variety, Synonym, Common, Title Holder, Application no and Agent fields allow you to type in key words that will search within those fields for records that contain the words you have typed in.

For example, if you entered rose in the Variety field, it will find records that contain the word rose within its Variety field. In this case, varieties such as 'Pink Rose', 'Rose Butterfly' and 'Primrose Petite' will be displayed.

The Received, Accepted and Granted dates are able to be searched by entering dates into the start date field and/or the finish date field. It is also possible to leave both/either field blank to have unrestricted searching.

Start date Finish date Result
x y Search the selected field where the date is greater than or equal to x but less than or equal to y
x   Search the selected field where the date is greater than or equal to x with no finish date restriction
  y Search the selected field where the date is less than or equal to y
x x Search the selected field where the date is equal to x
    Return results irrespective of any dates

Complex search:

You could also make complex searches as per your requirements. For example, if you would like to find out the Rose varieties from the title holder David Austin Roses Ltd that are Granted between 1995-2000, then you will need to type the word rose in the Common name field, then just type the key word David Austin in the Title Holder field, then choose Granted from the Status menu and finally enter the Start date 1/1/1995 and Finish date 31/12/2000 in the Granted Date fields, and hit the search button.

Advanced search:

Preform Advanced searches using wildcard characters

Symbol Description Examples
% A substitute for zero or more characters Begins with 'Bl' = Bl%
Ends with 'ue' = %ue
Contains 'blue' = %blue%
Starts with 'b' and ends with 'e' = b%e
_ A substitute for exactly one character R_d = red, rad, rod, etc
Any single character in charlist
Any single character not in charlist
Begins with 'a' or 'b' = [ab]%
Ends with 'd','v' or 'z' = %[dvz]
Does not begin with 'r', 'b' or 'g' = [^rbg]%
Rose or Rosa = Ros[ae]
For best results always use a % wildcard e.g %r_d, [abc]%

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