IP Australia Trademark Class Details

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Class 45
Accident investigation (AP)
Accident reporting (AP)
Adoption agency all relating to pets (AP)
Adoption agency services (NC)
Adult services (brothels, escort agencies, massage parlours) (BP)
Advisory services relating to consumers rights (AP)
Advisory services relating to copyright (AP)
Advisory services relating to intellectual property rights (AP)
Advisory services relating to organising personal schedules (AP)
Advisory services relating to organising space in the home (AP)
Advisory services relating to patents (AP)
Advisory services relating to security (BP)
Advisory services relating to the law (AP)
Advisory services relating to the security of premises (AP)
Agency services for arranging personal introductions (AP)
Aircraft safety services (AP)
Aircraft security services (AP)
Airline passenger safety services (AP)
Airline passenger security screening services (AP)
Airport fire services (AP)
Airport security services (AP)
Alarm monitoring services (AP)
Alternative dispute resolution services (NC)
Animal adoption services (AP)
Animal feeding services (in owner's absence) (AP)
Arbitration services (NC)
Arranging for visas other than travel visas (NC)
Arranging of wedding ceremonies (AP)
Association services (providing legal representation or legal advice to members of the association) (AP)
Astrological services (AP)
Astrology (BP)
Astrology consultancy (NC)
Astrology consultations (AP)
Au pair services (baby sitting) (AP)
Babysitting (NC)
Bailiff services (legal services) (AP)
Barrister services (AP)
Bereavement counselling (AP)
Biometric security services (AP)
Burial (funeral) services (AP)
Butler services (AP)
Cartomancy services (NC)
Celebrant services (BP)
Cemetery services (AP)
Certification of legal documents (AP)
Chaperoning (NC)
Charitable services, namely mentoring (personal or spiritual) (AP)
Civil celebrants (BP)
Civil protection services (AP)
Closed-circuit surveillance (AP)
Clothing fashion consultancy (AP)
Clothing rental (NC)
Company registration services (AP)
Compilation, creation and maintenance of a register of domain names (AP)
Computer dating services (AP)
Computer licensing (AP)
Concierge services (BP)
Concierge services (NC)
Conducting funeral ceremonies (NC)
Conducting religious ceremonies (NC)
Consultancy services relating to deportment (AP)
Consultancy services relating to fashion (AP)
Consultancy services relating to personal appearance (fashion and clothing) (AP)
Consultancy services relating to private investigations (AP)
Consultancy services relating to security (AP)
Consultancy services relating to social planning (AP)
Consultancy services relating to the application of legislation (AP)
Consultation relating to astrology (AP)
Consultation relating to horoscopes (AP)
Conveyancing (BP)
Copyright management (NC)
Costume hire (AP)
Counselling relating to spiritual direction (AP)
Cremation services (AP)
Crematorium services (NC)
Crime prevention advisory services (AP)
Crime prevention consultancy services (AP)
Criminal investigations (AP)
Dating agency services (AP)
Dating and social introduction services provided via online personal advertisements (AP)
Dating services (NC)
Detective agencies (NC)
Detective agency services (AP)
Dispute and conflict resolution (arbitration services) (BP)
Dog walking services (NC)
Dress rental (AP)
Electronic surveillance (AP)
Embalming services (NC)
Employment screening services (security checking) (AP)
Enforcement of intellectual property rights (AP)
Enforcement of trade mark rights (AP)
Escort agencies (adult services) (AP)
Escort agencies (social) (AP)
Escorting in society (chaperoning) (NC)
Establishment of intellectual property rights (AP)
Evangelistic services (AP)
Evening dress rental (NC)
Expert witness services (AP)
Exploitation of broadcasting rights (AP)
Exploitation of copyrights (AP)
Exploitation of industrial property rights (AP)
Exploitation of intellectual property rights (AP)
Exploitation of inventions (AP)
Exploitation of patents (AP)
Exploitation of printed matter (Copyright) (AP)
Exploitation of rights of films (Copyright) (AP)
Exploitation of transmission rights (Copyright) (AP)
Finger printing analysis (AP)
Fire fighting services (AP)
Fire safety consultancy services (AP)
Fire-fighting (NC)
Forensic advice for criminal investigations (AP)
Fortune telling (BP)
Fostering of children (AP)
Funeral parlour services (AP)
Funerals (NC)
Funerary undertaking (NC)
Genealogical research (NC)
Genealogical services (AP)
Genealogy (BP)
Granting of licenses relating to the copying of broadcast television programmes (AP)
Granting of licenses relating to the copying of cable television programmes (AP)
Granting of local authority licences (AP)
Guard services (NC)
Guardianship services (AP)
Guarding of buildings (AP)
Guarding of goods (AP)
Guarding of persons (AP)
Guarding of real estate (AP)
Guarding of schools (AP)
Guarding of shops (AP)
Guarding of warehouses (AP)
Guarding services (other than guarded transport) (AP)
Hire of clothing (AP)
Hire of evening wear (AP)
Hire of jewellery (AP)
Hire of suits (AP)
Hire of work wear (AP)
Horoscope casting (NC)
House sitting (NC)
Identity theft and fraud prevention services (AP)
Identity verification (AP)
Immigration agency services (legal services) (AP)
Industrial property (intellectual property) consultation services (AP)
Industrial property (intellectual property) management (AP)
Information services relating to consumer rights (AP)
Information services relating to legal matters (AP)
Inspection of factories for safety purposes (NC)
Inspection of workplaces for occupational health and safety purposes (AP)
Inspection of workplaces for workplace health and safety purposes (AP)
Intellectual property consultancy (NC)
Intellectual property licensing services (AP)
Intellectual property watching services (AP)
Introductions agency services for arranging personal introductions (AP)
Intruder detection (AP)
Issue of licensing rights relating to audio productions (AP)
Issue of licensing rights relating to films (AP)
Issue of licensing rights relating to television productions (AP)
Issue of licensing rights relating to video productions (AP)
Issuing of passports (AP)
Judicial advocacy services (AP)
Judicial inquiry services (AP)
Key holding services (AP)
Key returning services (AP)
Kimono dressing assistance (NC)
Leasing of internet domain names (NC)
Legal administration of licences (NC)
Legal advice (AP)
Legal advice in responding to calls for tenders (NC)
Legal advice in responding to requests for proposals (RFPs) (NC)
Legal advisory services relating to trade marks (AP)
Legal advocacy services (AP)
Legal advocacy services (NC)
Legal aid services (AP)
Legal compliance auditing (AP)
Legal consultancy relating to patent mapping (NC)
Legal consultancy services (AP)
Legal document preparation services (NC)
Legal enquiry services (AP)
Legal information research services (AP)
Legal information services (AP)
Legal investigation services (AP)
Legal lobbying services (AP)
Legal mediation services (AP)
Legal research (NC)
Legal services (AP)
Legal services in relation to the negotiation of contracts for others (NC)
Legal services in the field of immigration (AP)
Legal services relating to estates (AP)
Legal services relating to the negotiation of contracts (for others) (AP)
Legal services relating to wills (AP)
Legal support services (AP)
Legal watching services (NC)
Legislative advocacy services (AP)
Licensing (legal services) in the framework of software publishing (NC)
Licensing authority services (AP)
Licensing of computer firmware (AP)
Licensing of computer programs (AP)
Licensing of computer software (legal services) (NC)
Licensing of copyright (AP)
Licensing of intellectual property (NC)
Licensing of patents (AP)
Licensing of photographs (AP)
Licensing of registered designs (AP)
Licensing of research and development (AP)
Licensing of rights to photographic prints and transparencies (BP)
Licensing of software (AP)
Licensing of stage plays (AP)
Licensing of technology (AP)
Licensing of trade marks (AP)
Licensing services (AP)
Licensing services relating to music publishing (AP)
Licensing services relating to performance rights (AP)
Licensing services relating to the manufacture of goods (AP)
Life coaching (personal mentoring and support services) (AP)
Life saving and life guarding services (safety and security patrols) (BP)
lifeguard services (AP)
Lifestyle counselling (spiritual advice) (AP)
Litigation advice (AP)
Litigation services (NC)
Lobbying services relating to legislation and regulation (AP)
Lock opening services (AP)
Lost animal location services (AP)
Lost property return (NC)
Lost property services (AP)
Maid services (AP)
Management of patents (AP)
Management of trademarks (AP)
Marriage agencies (NC)
Marriage bureau services (AP)
Marriage guidance counselling (AP)
Massage parlour (adult) services (AP)
Matrimonial agencies (AP)
Mediation (NC)
Mediation services (arbitration services) (BP)
Mediation services for marital disputes (AP)
Meditation services for spiritual purposes (AP)
Memorial services (remembrance) (AP)
Mentoring (spiritual) (AP)
Ministerial counselling (AP)
Ministerial services (religious) (AP)
Missing person investigations (NC)
Missionary services (AP)
Monitoring intellectual property rights for legal advisory purposes (NC)
Monitoring of alarms (AP)
Monitoring of burglar and security alarms (NC)
Monitoring of fire alarms (AP)
Monitoring of geofence surveillance systems (AP)
Monitoring of security systems (AP)
Monitoring of surveillance systems (AP)
Music publisher services (licensing of music) (AP)
Nannying (baby sitting) (AP)
Night guard services (NC)
Notarial services (AP)
Online social networking services (NC)
Opening of security locks (NC)
Operation of crematoria (AP)
Organisation of political meetings (NC)
Organisational services for personal purposes namely organising personal schedules (AP)
Organisational services for personal purposes namely organising space in the home (AP)
Organization of religious meetings (NC)
Pastoral care (religious services) (BP)
Pastoral counselling (AP)
Patent agency services (AP)
Patent attorney services (AP)
Patent licensing (AP)
Personal advice services relating to matrimonial matters (non-legal) (AP)
Personal and social services rendered by others to meet the needs of individuals (AP)
Personal background investigations (NC)
Personal body guarding (NC)
Personal bodyguard services (AP)
Personal care services (non-medical caregiving services) (AP)
Personal care services (non-medical for disabled persons) (AP)
Personal care services (non-medical for the elderly) (AP)
Personal care services (non-medical nursing assistance) (BP)
Personal introduction agencies (BP)
Personal introduction agency services (AP)
Personal legal services (AP)
Personal letter writing (NC)
Personal reminder services (AP)
Personal shopper services (AP)
Personal wardrobe styling consultancy (NC)
Pet burial services (AP)
Pet cremation services (AP)
Pet funerals (AP)
Pet sitting (NC)
Physical security consultancy (NC)
Planning and arranging of wedding ceremonies (NC)
Political research and analysis services (AP)
Preparation and creation of curricula vitae (AP)
Preparation of regulations (AP)
Prison escort services (guarding and supervision of prisoners) (AP)
Prison services (AP)
Private investigation services (BP)
Professional advisory services relating to infringement of industrial property (AP)
Professional advisory services relating to infringement of patents (AP)
Professional advisory services relating to infringement of trade marks (AP)
Professional advisory services relating to licensing of patents (AP)
Professional advisory services relating to licensing of trade marks (AP)
Professional advisory services relating to registered designs (AP)
Professional advisory services relating to the licensing of industrial property (AP)
Professional legal consultations relating to franchising (AP)
Prosecution of applications for industrial property rights (AP)
Prosecution of applications for intellectual property rights (AP)
Prosecution of applications for trade marks (AP)
Prosecution of registered designs (AP)
Protection of copyright (AP)
Protection of industrial property rights (AP)
Protection of intellectual property (AP)
Providing authentication of personal identification information (personal background or security investigations) (AP)
Providing information regarding political issues (AP)
Providing information relating to fashion coordination services for individuals (AP)
Providing information relating to personal wardrobe styling (AP)
Providing information relating to the application of legislation (AP)
Providing information, including online, about legal services (BP)
Providing information, including online, about personal and social services meeting the needs of individuals (BP)
Providing information, including online, about security (BP)
Providing non-medical assisted living services for personal purposes (AP)
Providing user authentication services in e-commerce transactions (AP)
Provision of background check services (AP)
Provision of horoscopes (AP)
Provision of information in relation to migration and immigration services (AP)
Provision of information relating to legal services (AP)
Provision of information relating to security (BP)
Provision of information relating to the operation of alarms (AP)
Provision of information relating to vehicle verification (mileage and condition) (AP)
Provision of judicial information (AP)
Provision of legal information (AP)
Provision of legal research (AP)
Provision of legal services (AP)
Provision of licences (AP)
Provision of night guards (AP)
Provision of on-site security facilities (AP)
Provision of personal support servicers for teachers (AP)
Provision of personal tarot readings (AP)
Provision of security alarm monitoring services (AP)
Provision of security information (AP)
Psychic consultancy (AP)
Public events security services (AP)
Registration of domain names (NC)
Registration services (legal) (AP)
Registration services for notification of loss (AP)
Regulatory compliance auditing (AP)
Releasing birds for special occasions (AP)
Releasing butterflies for special occasions (AP)
Releasing doves for special occasions (NC)
Religious services (AP)
Rental of alarms (AP)
Rental of burglar, security or fire alarms (BP)
Rental of burial plots (AP)
Rental of clothing (AP)
Rental of costumes, other than theatrical costumes (AP)
Rental of crowd control barriers (AP)
Rental of electrical detection apparatus (AP)
Rental of fashion accessories (AP)
Rental of fire alarms (NC)
Rental of fire extinguishers (NC)
Rental of formal wear (AP)
Rental of jewellery (AP)
Rental of protective clothing (AP)
Rental of safes (NC)
Rental of safety apparatus (AP)
Rental of safety equipment (AP)
Rental of security apparatus (AP)
Rental of security surveillance apparatus (AP)
Rental of sports clothes (AP)
Rental of surveillance apparatus (AP)
Research relating to intellectual property (AP)
Safety services (AP)
Searching of trade marks (AP)
Security advisory services (AP)
Security assessment of risks (AP)
Security guards (BP)
Security marking of goods (AP)
Security screening of baggage (NC)
Security services (AP)
Security services for the protection of property and individuals (BP)
Security surveillance (AP)
Service of actual notice (AP)
Services for the protection of property and individuals (BP)
Social escort agency services (AP)
Social escorting (AP)
Social work services (BP)
Solicitors' services (AP)
Spiritual advice (AP)
Spiritual consultancy (NC)
Spiritual development (AP)
Spiritual guidance (AP)
Spiritual or religious counselling (BP)
Spiritual recovery services (AP)
Store detective services (AP)
Store surveillance services (AP)
Surveillance of buildings (AP)
Surveillance of goods (AP)
Surveillance of personnel (AP)
Surveillance services (BP)
Tagging of personal effects (AP)
Tarot card reading services for others (AP)
Title searching (AP)
Tracing of absconders (AP)
Tracing of lost keys (AP)
Tracing of missing persons (AP)
Tracking of stolen property (NC)
Trade mark attorney services (AP)
Trade marks exploitation (NC)
Undertakers' services (AP)
Uniform rental (AP)
Verification of an individual’s handwriting (AP)
Verification of an individual’s signature (handwriting) (AP)
Wheel clamping (AP)
Wig fitting (AP)
Zodiac consulting (AP)