Auspat Subscribe is a notification service provided through AusPat-eDossier. This service allows users to receive email notifications on applications of interest.

Interested parties can 'subscribe' to a particular case file (or case files) and be advised via email when both incoming and outgoing documents are added to eDossier for that particular patent case.

To subscribe to the service you will need to insert the application numbers (7 at a time) you wish to subscribe to as well as an email address where you would like notifications to be sent. You can also give each application a specific reference if you choose.

Application Subscription Sample Screen

Following subscription you will receive an email to activate your subscription. You will then receive emails with information on which patent cases have been updated and what documents have been updated to the case file. You will be able to view this information by clicking the link within the email to the case in AusPat.

Click here to Subscribe.